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"When Jewellery is Psychedelic Art"

Extraordinarily hypnotizing,  extravagantly fascinating


‘aUSTY Lee’ is an eponymous brand of high jewellery, with excellent craftsmanships and fashion-forward designs, bringing people refreshing, yet exclusive, one of a kind art jewellery pieces.


Austy is obsessed with all kinds of cultures, especially the history of jewelleries since childhood.  He entered into the jewellery business after graduating from a product design course. He is experienced in different aspects of the jewellery industry, from design, sourcing, production, and selling. He also works as a tutor in one of the university to share all his insight with the next generation.

Austy is fascinated and inspired by the meaning of Jade as is reflected in its status as a symbol of goodness, preciousness and beauty. To Chinese people , jade stones are the embodiment of the Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom, modesty, justice and compassion. The polish and brilliance of a jade stone are considered by the Chinese as the representative of purity, while its compactness and hardness reflects intelligence. Justice is represented by its angles and the sound produced by it when it is struck. The colour of a jade stone depicts loyalty while its flaws reflects sincerity. The Chinese people value jade stones because of its brightness, representing heaven, while its substances is representative of the earth.


After a decade of experiences in the industry, Austy feels that Jewelleries should be appreciated and owned by not only the noble ones, but also every single family from different levels of the society. There is a saying by the Chinese people -  “Gold has a value; jade is invaluable”. aUSTY LEE is the brand which creates a new era of Jade through its antique yet edgy design by using 18K Gold and various of gemstones.  aUSTY LEE will bring every family a piece of unique art jewellery with reasonable price as a family heirloom.


Austy, born and raised in Hong Kong, is a high-end jewellery designer with almost 20 years of experiences in the industry. He is well known for his excellent workmanship, design themes and the usage of rare gemstones. He is also passionate about changing the world with his unique and fashion-forward pieces of jewellery.


Since childhood, Austy has always been interested in art, design, fashion and history. He started his design journey working as a graphic designer and illustrator in a local magazine in 2003. To further broaden his design perspectives, and mostly out of curiosities, he decided to obtain a diploma of Product Design, learning about gemstones’ settings, metal hand-chiseling etc. He also learned a lot about bone-teeth and jade carvings, artefacts and antique restorations from his uncle, who is a very experienced artisan. Because of his outstanding drawing and design techniques, he was offered an opportunity to work as a jewellery design trainee in Adler Jewellery in Hong Kong. With his product design knowledge, he has very strong senses in 3D rendering, material usage and functional application, which hugely benefits him in paving his way as a designer and a jeweller.


While pursuing his education, Austy participated in a number of national and international design competitions. He was the champion in a competition organised by Oregon Scientific. He designed an embryonic form of the future invention of X game products. Other than that, he was also awarded in fine jewellery and fashion competitions by Adler Switzerland and Grosse Germany.


The working experiences in Adler Jewellery trained Austy to be a fine jewellery designer and a professional gemstone buyer. It offered him a chance to work with high-end clients and to design high-end jewelleries with rare gemstones and materials. Later in his career, he was the Chief Designer for Wendy Yue. His designs are worn by many Hollywood and international celebrities and famous people around the world. His works have also been published in many international magazines, websites and blogs. They are also sold in the world's most exclusive boutiques and department stores in Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, London, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Milan, Greece, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.


Austy launched his own brand of fine jewellery collections and his very first design studio in April 2017, with the theme of “When Jewellery is Psychedelic Art”. Austy’s works involve a lot about psychedelic patterns. His imaginations of jewellery are based on religions, new age, graphic and fashion. His styles are industrial, pop-punk, edgy, strict, bold, cultural, sexual current, contemporary, symbolic and colourful. He likes to apply in his creations with a lot of colourful and rare gemstones and carved/engraved materials, such as Sphene, Paraiba, Padparadscha, Star Sapphire, Indigolite, Pink Diamonds and different colours of Jades.


In Spring 2017, Austy was invited by Hong Kong Baptist University to be a part-time lecturer of Jewelry Design. Despite of his growing businesses, Austy’s passion towards designing, crafting and teaching has never changed - goes even stronger. His level of involvement and acute design instinct are reflected in his designs.







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Boutique 1st & studio

Shop A, G/F, Kam On Building, 176 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

Monday - Saturday 11:30am - 7:00pm

Tel: (852) 2388 0212

Boutique 2nd

Shop 3, G/F, Springfield Court, No. 55- 56, Flower Market Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon

Monday - Sunday 10:30am - 6:00pm

Tel: (852) 2311 2101

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